Daycare Center

The Third Teacher – Child-Friendly Daycare Center @ Cubby Tales

When you think of daycare for your kid, you just need the most reasonable, most noteworthy quality childcare, that is as near your home or work as humanly possible. Isn’t it?

Inquiries emerge, for example, how would I know this one is superior to this one? Which reviews would I be able to trust?  Don’t make the search for the right daycare to be stressful. Cubby Tales daycare centers are all over Bangalore. Daycare center at Hebbal is offering a holistic approach to kids education. Do more with your kids. Keep them safe and be stressfree at our daycare centers.

Safety, hygiene, and nutrition are at the top of our agenda at the Day Care Section of Cubby tales. Dedicated INFANT Care space with trained child care providers ensure that our babies get the best of care and environment.

You’ll feel it right when you walk in the door of our daycare center.

What constitutes “awesome” here will have more to do with what you need for your kid’s optimal day.

Our Best daycare space has :

  • Covers on each outlet
  • Dens far from blinds or windows
  • Window daze haul strings are distant or attached with grapples
  • Stairs hindered by the entryway
  • Changing tables and high seats with ties
  • Clean toys in great condition (no broken toys)
  • No little protests around that youngsters could stifle on (particularly vital in focuses that cover numerous age gatherings)
  • Possibly toxic substances (like medicines and cleaning supplies) are anchored

Cubby tales also offers a specifically designed Daycare program for Toddlers to Pre Schoolers that complements the learning environment at Cubby Tales. Comfort, safety and integrated modules of engagement through activities all become part of the learning environment for the little ones.

At Cubby tales we believe that the child has to be engaged should get empowered during post-school hours too as he spends time at our DayCare Centers.