Founder's Message

Tanvi Drolia

Founder / Director
Cubby Tales
Every child is unique and needs utmost care and undivided attention. With Cubby Tales, our objective is to redefine the dynamics of child care and development.

With the highest commitment to the well-being of our children, we aspire to create a benchmark in the domain of child care services. Cubby Tales is a dream project and no stone has been left un-turned to ensure a safe, stimulating and nourishing home for our little ones. It is based on the fundamental of love, care and being present with the child through the delicate years of his/her life. We aspire to establish high-quality childcare centers across India and it’s a matter of great pride that we have made our beginning by developing multiple states of the art childcare centers in the beautiful city of Bangalore. We stand as the best baby daycare in Bangalore.

Cubby Tales aspires to be a HAPPY SPACE for our tiny tots, our educators, and our support team. As we grow up into responsible adults, our children always remind us of how childhood is the time to be carefree and ecstatic and we re-live those glorious years with our children. At Cubby Tales, we understand and acknowledge this fact of celebrating childhood together. Cubby Tales represents a shiny new time of early youth instruction concentrating on mental health, parental contribution and suitable educational modules. Throughout the years, instructing learning ventures directed by Cubby Tales have increased worldwide acknowledgment at early youth gatherings, bench-marked against best universal practices. This makes Cubby Tales as one of the best Montessori/ Playschools in Bangalore. Infant daycare is exceedingly thought.

Keeping the inherited ethics and values strong, creating a right mix of play, learning, and empowerment for our children is the driving force of our institution.