Integrated Learning Program

Integrated learning implies joining what you realize in the classroom, regardless of whether it’s game or procedure, with the solution of real-world problems.

The integrated educational module is essentially adding another segment to existing exercises. What normally winds up happening is the kids adds that component to their play or investigation. Also, that empowers greater interest and potential outcomes, which practices their reasoning aptitudes.

The appropriation of an integrated module for kids and the utilization of numerous educating learning techniques have been ended up being valuable in securing of information from the understudy fulfillment perspective. Understudies and personnel communicated a general fulfillment towards ILP for CubbyTales. The examination demonstrated that it is conceivable to receive a coordinated learning module in the primary year of training under a regular educational module.

An instructive discovering that coordinates an arrangement of encouraging and learning procedures to cultivate abilities like Creativity, Adaptability, Critical Reasoning and Collaboration for kids in the age group of 15 months up to 6 years.

How an Integrated Curriculum Helps Children Learn

An integrated educational program is an extraordinary thought for kids younger than five since kids turn out to be more occupied with various exercises that consolidate distinctive aptitudes. This kind of learning is more important for the kids as everyone feels positive about their achievement in the plan of the general task. This is a more adjusted learning approach rather than taking in a separated subject.

Does an Integrated Curriculum Create Confusion?

A few parents may expect that an integrated educational program may by one means or another reason children disarray since they’re managing in excess of one subject. Be that as it may, it truly doesn’t make perplexity. The key is to keep it basic. As kids, build up their abilities you can provoke them a little by including another little component, such as putting that basic supply list in an envelope, which practices fine engine aptitudes.


There are a lot of benefits from this approach of educating. You are empowering kids’ reasoning aptitudes. What’s more, once you as a parent or guardian work on mixing things together, you think that it’s less demanding to consider things to add to an action. Through one experience you are building up an assortment of zones in kids’ advancement.

Could Parents Use This Approach at Home?

It’s extremely conceivable that parents are as of now doing integrated educational programs without acknowledging it. One of the primary things we do with children is we sing to them, and there we have cadence and dialect, which are pulls for math and perusing aptitudes. Include numbers like the melody “5 Little Monkeys” and you have mixed, or integrated tallying with dialect.

We at Cubby Tales coordinate feeling of touch, or tactile, to pre-perusing abilities to even math on the grounds that there’s a plausibility that one compartment will get full and there you make them measure.