Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The learning philosophy at Cubby Tales takes into consideration the fact that children are active learners. Our learning curriculum is guided by 58 key experiences that include language, creativity, mathematics, science, and socio-emotional and physical development. We follow a Plan-Do-Review sequence where children are asked to make choices, perform tasks according to the choices that they have made, and reflect on what they learned in the process. By doing so they are not only encouraged to take initiative but also to perform small tasks on their own

Our Kindergarten teachers are trained to provide a safe and nurturing environment to make Cubby Tales feel like their second home so that they can have a delightful kindergarten experience. We understand that each child has unique strengths and preferred learning styles. We try to customize the learning process as much as we can, to cater to the needs of each child.

Why Cubby Tales?



The Learning Environment in itself empowers the Educators at Cubby Tales. Custom-designed spaces for implementing various learning programs ensure that the learning environments add value to our programs. Giving enough space beyond the four walls of a classroom to express to the children, teaching them the value of resources, and sharing responsibility is all part of facility management at the Centre.


Our children have a strong sense of identity and belonging. The environment provides opportunities for experiencing ownership and upkeep of their independent space.


We believe that the physical environment at Cubby Tales is not just a backdrop to the curriculum, but rather it is a part of the curriculum. The learning environment is full of teaching and learning aids that invite children to touch, see and internalize. The environment is flexible and provides multiple opportunities to experience and engage. Encouraging Exploration, Analysing and decision-making are all part of the engagements at Cubby Tales.


Cubby Tales ensures Child-Friendly Learning Equipment Indoors as well as Outdoors; interactive walls and corridors, learning corners, cozy seating spaces, story zones, and free space to run and play giving the children a feeling of warmth and homeliness.


Children learn from interacting with each other to develop social skills. Our environment encourages constructive collaboration enhancing teamwork. Conversations, Pretend Play, Theatre, Group Learning, Parent Involvement are all promoted by the learning environment
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