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Jr. Toddler


Jr.Toddler Program(Junior Toddler) educational modules by Cubby Tales, depend on experiential and social learning and enable your kid to learn in a thrilling space through various exercises. Our instructors, prepared in the idea of Multiple Intelligence are prepared to give distinctive exercises to suit the separated adapting needs of each individual kid.

The activities are wanted to advance development in subjective, artistic, coherent and social abilities and help the little child develop into a free and sure individual and get ready for needs past pre-school.

Smiles all around, loads of fun, relevant engagement and a lot of exposure are what the Jr. Toddler Program at Cubby Tales is all about. With age-appropriate activities, loving educators and trained caretakers our little ones cherish the learning programs. Based on various teaching approaches and a focus on inquiry and self-guided learning, children are encouraged to question, investigate, and learn about new and novel things around them.

The Jr.Toddler Program encompasses language literacy, numeracy, environment, music & movement, daily perceptual motor skills development, physical play and value education.

We utilize Creative Curriculum way to deal with learning, places accentuation on learning through play. At the point when youngsters play they are creating numerous associations and neural pathways inside their mind. The play is a basic part since it inspires a youngster to connect with others and the earth. We give a sheltered system where your youngster plays, learns and creates as they investigate and encounter the different focuses or zones and organized exercises.

Cubby Tales team are happy to welcome your tyke to our Jr. Toddler Program and would be charmed to impart to you the fervor and delights of your little child’s everyday improvement. We think of it as a benefit to be a piece of that development and improvement and anticipate a superb association with you and your kid.

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At Cubby Tales, The Kindergarten Program is an amalgamation of Global Best Practices and Learning Resources in Early Childhood Education and Care. Our program is based on what research says and best prepares children for all the big steps ahead. The Pre-school program includes Independent, teacher-directed, and small-group activities that encourage investigation, exploration, and discovery. Our curriculum also supports creative expression, literacy, music, and more.