Our Curriculum

Preschool Curriculum @ Cubby Tales

The preschool curriculum is a critical influence of the learning procedure at an early age, in light of the fact that according to the specialists by the age of 5 years, 90% of the mind is created. Preschool curriculum helps in molding the eventual fate of the youngster in a positive way. A decent play school having educational modules is essential too so that when the kid enters the preschool he has the comprehension of things that will be added to their syllabus.

The Educational and Day Care program for children aged 6 months and above develops enthusiastic, lifelong learners who feel supported to ask questions and explore ideas in their class communities. All elements of our program support the personal and social development of each child.

The academic preschool curriculum is structured around a holistic, inquiry-based approach, where children’s prior knowledge and individual experiences are valued.


Programs @ Our Preschool

Our programs, combine a variety of best practices from around the globe to provide quality learning to all students. Inspired by various philosophies, children here work in stimulating learning environments, where they are encouraged to take ownership of their learning. The play is used to both extend and consolidate concepts, giving children an opportunity to apply their understanding while developing creativity and problem-solving skills.

Believing firmly that the family is a child’s first teacher, CUBBY TALES encourages authentic parent interaction and cooperation to maintain a strong home-school bond.

Summary of Our Preschool Curriculum

  • foster a child’s natural curiosity and individual interests
  • uses an Integrated Approach to learning
  • develops conceptual understanding through meaningful learning experiences
  • utilizes play as a vehicle for deep learning
  • encourages awareness and appreciation of Indian and international cultures
  • extends learning beyond the classroom
  • integrates information technology and library resources to support learning
  • develops a child’s commitment to care about our environment and serve others
  • recognizes parents as partners in a child’s learning process
  • encourages learning with real-life experiences
  • focuses on a holistic development inspired by our traditions

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Apart from the daycare center in Hebbal, Cubby Tales has Koramangala daycare center and J P Nagar daycare center in Bangalore.