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Our Core Values

Childhood is only once; the experience is for a lifetime. At Cubby Tales, the motto is simple, “Happy Children” grow up into most successful adults. Let them Be Little!

The Focus is to Develop Skills & Ability Information & Knowledge are Just A Click Away

Learn And Play

Learning with Play makes it a Fun-Filled and Lasting Experience.

Better Facility

Safe & Nurturing Environment, Cozy Learning Corners and Ample Outdoor Spaces to provide a better learning experience to your kids.

Experienced - Involved Educators & Caregivers

A Dedicated Team with Effective Adult-Child Ratio thriving towards the well-being of Each Child focusing on Their Holistic Development

Welcoming Environment

Feel the Positivity at your First Step into our Premises.

The Stimulating Environment Is a Treat Both to the Eyes and Mind


Interested in good preschool education for your child? Cubby Tales is the right decision!

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Experience the happy faces of your toddler at Hebbal.

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Experience the happy faces of your toddler at Koramangala.

Kids Activites

A Stimulating and Inclusive setup offers strategies for building positive relationships, helping children develop self-regulation and responding to challenging behaviors.

Creative Activites

Art and Craft tickle the creative senses of children, introduce them to shapes, colors, textures and encourages innovation and creation. At Cubby Tales, children are motivated to freely explore without worrying as we believe that “Children Are Creative, Not Messy!!!”

Sport Activites

A physically active body is home for a healthy mind. With our ample outdoor spaces, our curriculum lays special focus on sports and yoga activities to keep the children active and stimulated.

Traditional Games

The Good Old Days had games which required friends to come together and innovate. Group games, Teamwork, analyzing and coordinating are all parts of traditional games like Kho Kho, Hopscotch, etc. This is our favorite part of the Day!

The 3 Rs:

The concept of Reuse-Reduce-Recycle is deeply imbibed in the environment and day-to-day activities to make it a habit in children to conserve and respect Nature.
our program

Cubby Tales Preschool Programs

Cubby Tales Offers a wide variety of carefully thought-of stimulating programs to facilitate Holistic Development of Children between 5 months to 8 years, simultaneously supporting parents and families by providing a safe and nurturing space during these delicate years.
Day Care programs at Cubby Tales are a combination of Early Childhood Learning and Quality Childcare. A unique combination of in-built activities and engagements to keep the child intellectually and physically engaged. Holistic Development with a special focus on Safety, Hygiene, Health, and Nutrition ensures that we give the best of care to our little ones under the guidance of trained childcare providers
Creativity and craft: which works on the imagination, expression and creativity for the children. Exploring the world of colours, textures, paints and sensory abilities is what creativity and craft is all about. Read More
The Parent Involvement Programs at Cubby Tales Preschool are based on the belief that each child is unique. The sessions are carefully designed to provide a fun and.... Read More
Playing in learning

Our Classes

With Cubby Tales, we always put the quality of teaching children first, please rest assured when sending children at Cubby Tales kindergarten.
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Interested in good preschool education for your child? Cubby Tales is the right decision!