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Cubby Tales is a well-known best preschool in Bangalore that employs a team of highly skilled and trained educators. Our educators have experienced extensive background checks to confirm that your children are in the best possible care. We are the top playschool because we provide a dynamic environment where each kid receives individual attention. Every child’s needs are taken into account by our teachers. 

Educators with extensive experience and training

What Makes Cubby Tales Kids Learning Center a Great Place for Your Child to Learn?


If you seek the greatest preschool in Hebbal for your child, you must choose us. Here are some of the multiple meaningful reasons we can assist your child’s holistic development.

  • We provide a safe, stimulating, and enjoyable learning environment.
  • Our playschool in Hebbal is large, with indoor and outdoor learning facilities.
  • With the use of art, craft, dance, music, and other activities, we offer a great approach to learning.
  • We have put strict security measures and the best security cameras in every corner of the school.