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Give your child a right start with Cubby Tales

Today education is very important for every child, so this is where our Cubby Tales School provides a stimulating and cutting-edge preschool and play station for your child. Your child will receive an international-quality education while learning Indian values in a happy environment. The incredible combination of academics, technology, and infrastructure not only entertains but also energizes your children to learn while they play. We are the best Preschool in Koramangala that promotes active learning and games. The infrastructure allows your children to express their creativity and natural abilities freely. At our Preschool, learning is a blast, emphasizing the child's complete development and grooming to help them become a better citizen.

Our Curriculum

Our primary school in Koramangala takes the learning process beyond traditional academic disciplines. It prepares children for subsequent schooling and future success in life by using a high-scope approach to learning and nurturing a child’s creativity, confidence, and independence. This active learning approach to early education yields significant and good outcomes.

Our teaching Strategies

The concept that active participation learning through play is essential to the development of human potential is at the heart of the High Scope approach to early childhood education. It works best in circumstances that are conducive to children's development. Children in active learning contexts experience feelings of competence and self-confidence, enjoyment, control, curiosity, and the likelihood of success. Teachers combine synchronous and asynchronous activities to create a hybrid of classic learning approaches with newer, more collaborative audio and visual resources.

Our Parent meeting

As educators and caregivers, we are invited to join a tiny group of people who have a significant impact on the development and learning of young children. Based on love, experience, and instinct, families create a unique set of hopes, values, and aspirations for their children. According to research, parents and families that participate in their children's education increase their academic performance and motivation. In addition, parental involvement raises adult expectations and parental confidence and goals. Our pre-nursery schools in Koramangala provide a variety of chances for parents and educators to collaborate and share ideas on how to help children learn and develop. Daily charts, family group meetings, home visits, parent's or educator's observations using a journal or film as a topic for discussion, or attending key concept seminars are examples of these changes.

Programs for Early Educ

We are one of Bangalore's best preschools, with various early learning programs. Our programs are designed to help children meet emotional, social, and other developmental milestones. Our program assists kids in identifying their unique learning styles and achieving their goals.

Our Facilities

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Experience the happy faces of your toddler at Koramangala.

Why Cubby Tales?

We create a safe, nurturing, sanitary, and inviting environment where children are encouraged to play, eager to try new things, and enthusiastically embark on their natural learning paths. Furthermore, as indicated by our superior qualities below, our main differentiators include our attitude and passion for our mission, an overwhelming empathy for parent’s worries, and outstanding execution skills to set higher standards:

our program

Cubby Tales Preschool Programs

Dear parents, we would like to thank you for choosing the Cubby Tales Preschool System in the process of considering and planning your children's..
Day Care programs at Cubby Tales are a combination of Early Childhood Learning and Quality Childcare. A unique combination of in-built activities and engagements to keep the child intellectually and physically engaged. Holistic Development with a special focus on Safety, Hygiene, Health, and Nutrition ensures that we give the best of care to our little ones under the guidance of trained child care providers. Read More
Creativity and craft: which works on the imagination, expression and creativity for the children. Exploring the world of colours, textures, paints and sensory abilities is what creativity and craft is all about. Read More
The Parent Involvement Programs at Cubby Tales Preschool are based on the belief that each child is unique. The sessions are carefully designed to provide a fun and.... Read More


Interested in good preschool education for your child? Cubby Tales is the right decision!

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Our goal is to provide a platform for comprehensive learning that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms, encouraging students to think in new ways. Our goal is to cultivate global citizens in our children and to a place of study, fun, and discovery. To enroll your kid in a Cubby Tales today with us.
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