The Top 5 Habits of Intelligent Kids & How They Help Them Succeed In Life


Intelligent Kids are happy and Smart! Read on to unlock the top 5 habits of intelligent kids, that help them succeed in life.

Intelligence can be measured in a variety of ways, such as IQ, creativity, leadership skills and so on. However, you should strive to build the intelligence of the child in a holistic manner.

How Intelligent Are Your Kids?

Today’s kids are the future of tomorrow! They need to be well-groomed with life skills that prepare them to face uncertainties in the future. 

Empower Them To Turn Adversities Into Opportunities! 

This article shares the top 5 habits of intelligent kids and also how pre-schools can help them develop these habits further. 

1. Curiosity – Expanded Horizons for the Intelligent Child

Children are curious by nature. They are always looking for new things to explore and learn about. Kids also have a natural urge to ask questions and find answers. Their curiosity can be stimulated by the environment around them. 

For example, Cubby Tales Preschool, a centre for child development in Bangalore, tickles creative development through well-thought-out art and craft activities for kids. Curiosity is nurtured by introducing them to explore shapes, colours and textures, which expands the horizons of the child and improves intelligence.

2. Ability to Focus – The most sought-after skill in the present World of Distraction!

The ability to focus is the most important skill that kids need to learn. Focus habits are not something that you can teach to a child through a single lesson, or even through a long series of lessons. It takes time and practice for kids to develop these habits and skills on their own. Making sure that your children have plenty of opportunities to practice these skills will give them the best chance at success in school and at home.

What is the best way to teach children to focus?

Pre-school is the best place where the curriculum design is structured to gradually help your child to develop the ability to focus. Cubby Tales Preschool, the best preschool in Koramangala believes that a fun-filled and daily perceptual-motor skills-based learning in language, sport, numerics and art is the best way to teach children to focus.

3. Social Skills – Communication and Empathy Is the Key to Human Interactions and Relationships

The social skill habits of intelligent kids are different from those of regular kids. Intelligent kids are more aware of their surroundings and they have a better understanding of what people want from them. They have better communication skills, which is why they can easily build relationships with other people.

By playing team games like kho-kho, children learn to adapt and play well as a team. These mark the foundations of the team environment of the future. Also by educating about the concept of reducing, reusing and recycling, kids develop empathy and environmental awareness right from their formative years.

4. Willingness to Take Risks – Allows Children to Discover The World’s Mysteries With an Open Mind

It is most likely that intelligent children are more willing to take risks and explore the world than others. They are not afraid of exploring the unknown. They are more willing to take risks because they have an open mind.

5. Continuous Learning – Intelligence Can be Developed with Purposeful Practice

Brain development is the result of the continuous interaction with the environment coupled with related experience. With the thoughtful curriculum, crafted to challenge the young, creative minds, you can foster continuous learning that enhances the intelligence of children.

These are the Must Have Top 5 Habits of Intelligent Kids, which help them to Succeed in Life. 

Which among these is your favourite? Feel Free to Leave your comments below.

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